Laser Hair Removal

Fast, secure, efficient and durable hair removal…it’s possible

What to know about laser depilation?

Laser stands for «Light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation»
Meaning it emits heat produced by a source of light in the infrared spectre such as the sun’s emission. It isn’t UVA or UVB rays, the ones responsible for the skin damage, only the parts heated in the visible spectres.

Laser hair removal utilizes modulated light energy (selective wave lengths) to progressively alter the cells responsible for hair production with heat.

It’s necessary to count 8 to 12 sessions with an interval of 4, 6 or 8 weeks for beginners. The intervals can be prolonged near the end or as the rhythm of hair growth progresses depending on the region and the individual.

Clientele seeking rapid results to often don’t worry about the side effects and consequences that certain photo-depilation equipment may cause. The choice of adequate equipment is crucial to effectively proceed without damaging surrounding tissues. Safeguarding the skin surrounding the bulb, meaning the perifollicular collagen, is crucial. Damage would cause a change of texture or scar formation.

Be wary of promises of results in 4 to 6 sessions, as hair can grow back after a short while.

Excessive pain is no guaranty of success ; it may instead create a rapid discoloration of hairs without loss.

In conclusion, a certified technician, secure equipment, efficiency and pigmented hair favour the best results for your laser depilation.